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central park. central park. and that's what's making closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc 4:30 a.m. on this friday, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze.
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vallejo police on the scene of a shooting where an officer killed a suspect. terry mcsweeney is going to be at carolina street and sonoma boulevard will bring us more. next thursday the 21-year-old man accused of killing sierra lamar is scheduled to be back in court. yesterday antolin garcia-torres appeared before a judge for one minute without entering a plea. he did not speak and stood with his head down. according to the statement of facts filed by the the sheriff's office a tracking k-9 traced sierra lamar's scent from her house to midway down her street where the dog appeared to lose the scent. investigators believe garcia-torres watched sierra and snatched her 150 yards from her home. they say her dna was found in his car and his dna was found on her clothing.
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>> dna is essential to the prosecution's case. you need to tie these two people together. they did not know each other. they had no reason to have dna on one another's possessions. >> sierra lamar's parents did not attend yesterday's hearing. garcia-torres remains in jail and being held without bail. alameda city council will hear a budget proposal that calls for trimming more than a million dollars from the police department, including closing the city jail. the city manager wants to prevent cuts from the police department's patrol and investigation divisions. if the jail closes six employees would be laid off. he's asking for cuts in other city departments to help offset a projected five million dollar budget deficit in the upcoming fiscal year. antioch police warning muggers, taggers and drug dealers to stay out of city parks unless they want to be captured on video. antioch is adding seven
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cameras to three recreation spots that have a history of crime including the park, antioch community park and the antioch marina. installing and operating the cameras will cost about $225,000. >> the mercury news reporting lawsuits filed around facebook's tainted ipo could total around a billion dollars in damages. a suit filed yesterday in san mateo county claims facebook misled investors about poe al earnings. another suit an -- accuses morgan stanley of insider trading for warning only some clients that facebook was opening too high. morgan stanley will compensate investors who overpaid for shares. facebook says the suits are without merit. the stock was up a little more than a dollar thursday closing just over $33, five bucks under the ipo price. >> right now back to our
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breaking news. vallejo police on the scene of a shooting where an officer killed a sistexpect. terry mcsweeney joins us -- a suspect. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: right now san mateo forensic experts are on the scene. vallejo contracts with them to take care of these scenes. the investigation behind me this happened midnight according to vallejo police officers who i've been speaking to, they received a report of either a person with a again or a robbery suspect on sonoma boulevard. you see the squad car there, this is a car driven by two officers were in it, they pulled up to the scene, saw the suspect you can see that spotlight shining that is where the suspect was he headed down the street we are told he did not fire at police but did have a gun may have pointed at police and officers opened fire, trying and killing him 100 feet down
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sonoma boulevard from carolina street. again, they are not sure fit was a robbery suspect or someone reportedly had a gun officers saw him with the gun asked him to stop, he did not whether he pointed the gun at them or not, still under investigation and they shot and killed him. investigators still working the scene it has been four hours and the suspect's body still lying on the street out here as the forensic lab from san mateo county sheriff checks out the evidence. we'll bring you more in half an hour. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 4:35 now. san francisco's coit tower is getting a 1.7 million dollar facelift funds made available through the recreation and parks department and arts commission the money will be used to restore the historic murals and carry out much needed maintenance work this comes as backers of prop b on the june ballot say it is time
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to reinvest in the landmark that has made money for the city for decades. coit tower stands 210 feet tall built in 1933. big weekend for the golden gate bridge as it celebrates its 75th anniversary sunday. that means a lot of traffic delays. thousands are expected to attend a bridge party sunday. traffic on the bridge will be interrupted from 8:00 to 10 p.m. for fireworks show. no traffic will be allowed for safety reasons during the fireworks show and the bridge will close part of that time. no parking at -- starting at 7:00 tonight expect other closures when muni is shutting the entire n judah and parts of the j church light rail lines for 10 days. an hour later, first street
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between mission and howard will be closed for work on the transbay transit center until tuesday morning. starting 10 p.m. tonight the entire dumbarton bridge will be off-limits due to seismic retrofit work through thursday morning. >> with all those closures sue will be here to talk about many alternates. right now people are just talking the winds and chances for showers today? >> you bet. mike? >> until thunderstorms develop the winds are big story. good morning. they didn't let up last night like they did yesterday. as we wake up this morning, 23 mile per hour gusts at novato, 26 at half moon bay, 35 at sfo 28 hayward, oakland 31, concord 2117 mountain view, 14 fairfield, livermore, napa, san saw -- san jose coming out of the west-northwest,
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there's a chance of maybe a sprinkle at our higher elevations through 7:00. for the most part we are going to be dry until we get into the afternoon. during the morning sprinkle possible highest elevations temperatures under a partly sunny sky mid to upper 50s inland low to mid 60s around noon. afternoon into 4:00 better chance of showers and thunderstorms developing temperatures in the 60s at 4:00, we'll pull back with thunderstorms still hanging around in the 50s and 60s from the bay inland 7:00 if you get caught under one of these storms thunder possible which means lightning and small hail. another small chance of that tomorrow in the north bay otherwise drier through the holiday weekend and slightly warmer everyday. let's see if winds are affecting bridges. they are. a couple of wind advisories one benicia bridge and san mateo bridge in morning. i came across the golden gate it was blustery too, don't be
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surprised if you are commuting bridges today to find high winds throughout the morning. elsewhere closures dumbarton bridge 10:00 tonight alternate would be 237 southside or san mateo bridge on the northside expect delays on those alternate routes. golden gate bridge the 75th anniversary all festivities saturday, limited parking very limited, they are saying take mass transit that would be bart having extra trains and golden gate ferries extra ferries. pediatrician traffic on the span will begin -- pedestrian traffic on the span will begin shutting didn't at 5:00. from 10:30 or later depending on the situation with the fireworks. -- it will be memorial day so still ahead, honoring ourselves members. where you can remember their sacrifice this holiday
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weekend. new rules of the sea for sailing competitions after the deadly far boating accident. what sailors will -- will need to though when they head out. -- 3q air wick and the national park foundation
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good morning. we are looking at a live picture of the embarcadero and ferry building. you can see from the flags windy. mike checking that for you. and watching chances for showers maybe thunderstorm hail action. all that coming up. tugboat crews have rescheduled the voyage of the battleship iowa for this saturday for the past week choppy waters off the central coast have prevented it from making its trip to southern california. the plan calls for transforming the ship into a
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museum at port of los angeles. the iowa is scheduled to sail beneath the golden gate bridge between 2 and 3 p.m. saturday coast guard intends to lift a ban on sailing off the coast in time for a race from san francisco to monterey that begins later today. the ban went into effect after the disaster that killed five on a racing boat near the farallons island last month. one recommendation is to keep boats away from rocky areas. large wave pushed the boat into the rocks off the farallons. >> it is hard to define what is the difference between safe and not, clearly, this is a boat that go in too close. and giving something a little more room is didn't and i think is a wake-up call. >> another recommendation calls for all crewmembers to use proper safety gear. event honoring those who served in the military will be at alameda at veterans
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memorial park. the event monday onboard the aircraft carrier will feature a wreath-laying ceremony tours will be available. the hornet features exhibits that trace history from world war ii through the apollo moon landings and vietnam war. >> if you are interested in checking out all the events this weekend go to alarming report about the state's fish population. what researchers found when testing mercury content. break in the case. new developments in the etan patz murder investigation in new york city. plus, the safe way to relive the big one. new exhibit that will leave you shaking. the offensive tweet that has fans in an uproar. what she said about -- has gaga fans in an uproar. what she said about shopping in thailand. lysol knows the soft places we love
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looking at what is going to happen across the bay area. scattered showers even thunderstorms possible this afternoon with small hail. if you are traveling around the lower 48 mid to upper 60s seattle and portland mid 70s denver and salt lake heat moving from st. louis 91 dallas 92 mid to upper 70s new york and boston. right now laguardia and philadelphia flight arrival delays all other airports lower 48, regional airports in california on time. any time you travel flight tracker tracks more than flights. new this morning, statewide study of fish caught off the california coast has high concentrations of mercury in more than 1/3 of the
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locations. seven species were found to have high concentrations of the contaminant. the report says a higher rate of mercury was found in fish caught on the northern coast than the ones caught in the bay area. the toxin damages the nervous system in people and researchers say children and pregnant women should not eat the fish. four northern california facilities, including three in the bay area received citations for 25 safety and health violations which inspectors say posed physical risk. out-patient clinic in martinez had 10 violations between last november and january including overflowing bags of biohazardous waste from trash cans and contaminated needles above the rim of a container. two violations were reported at the va out-patient clinic in oakland, blocked exits. one violation at the va clinic
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at travis air force base in fairfield for improperly using equipment and sacramento va center received several safety violations that facility had 15 days -- all of these facilities have 15 days to correct each violation. novato stan father district has reached a development over dozens sewage spills since 2007 totalling more than 500,000 gallons. district officials say some of the spills were caused by aging equipment which they are working to replace. the district opened a new plant at 2010 and is working on a 15 year project to upgrade more than 200 miles of sewage collection pipes. the settlement was approved behind closed doors by the novato board. former convenience store clerk is expected to make his first court appears today in new york city when he's charged with the murder of the first missing child to ever
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appear on a milk carton. tahman bradley has new details. >> reporter: 33 years ago today, 6-year-old etan patz vanished on his walk to his school buswa?qñ the case was ner put to rest. this morning it looks like it has come to an end. 51-year-old pedro hernandez is under arrest for the murder of young etan. police say he confessed. >> he lured young etan from the school bus stop at west broadway and prince street with the promise of a so day. >> he then led him into the basement of the bodega, choked him there and disposed of the body by putting it into a plastic bag and placing it into the trash. >> reporter: hernandez was picked up in new jersey where he lived with his wife and daughter. arrest after the case was reopened last month police went digging through a basement they didn't find evidence but received a tip
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believed to have come from a relative or friend of hernandez. >> in the years following etan's disappearance hernandez told a family member and others that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york." >> reporter: the bay etan patz disappeared was the first morning his parents let him walk alone to the bus stop. it changed many parents. he was among the first missing children to appear on milk cartons and billboards. >> etan's case changed america. millions of parents sat home and thought there but for the grace of god goes my child. >> reporter: 33 years later his parents live on the same block, never moved hoping the little boy would find his way home. police told his parents about the confession from the man police say admits he snatched their child. tahman bradley, abc7 news. this afternoon, former democratic national committee
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chairman howard dean will deliver the commencement address for the preside yo in san francisco. he will speak to more than 1,000 people. the presidio graduate school opened nine years ago as one of the world's first grad schools offering masters in sustainable management, the school has more than 250 students. new exhibit will put you in the middle of a quake opens tomorrow at the california an academy of sciences in san francisco, visitors get a look at how quake as effect the planet, including a simulator that brings visitors back to the -- [ unintelligible ] >> san francisco is famous for earthquakes what better way than to be in a victorian and experience the nine time 89 earthquake and 1906 quake.
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-- >> that brings back memories. the voice narrating comes from dan ashley. >> the familiar face holding on for dear live was dan ashley. >> kind of shaking out there too not from a quake just from those winds. >> possibly thunder later on shake, rattle and roll, absolutely weather very interesting good morning 5:37 looking down on emeryville to san francisco from vollmer peak quiet here camera not shaking as much live doppler this is going to be an important tool in figuring out where the storms are popping up and going right now they are going to stay over the ocean where the greatest temperature range is cold air moving over i know the ocean
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water is cold, colder air making it unstable you can see how these are slowly moving south stray shower across maybe higher elevations of the coast possible this morning the rest of us have to wait until the afternoon upper 40s to low 50s now same around monterey bay inland 45 gilroy. thunderstorms possible today but very isolated don't cancel plans over 'em. slick snow in the sierra tonight be careful if you are heading up that way isolated storm possible north bay tomorrow then over east bay valleys mid to upper 60s temperatures 5 to 10° cooler than average head down to the south bay, mid to upper 60s and breezy to windy everywhere today 59 millbrae low to mid 60s peninsula mid 50s along the coast upper 50s downtown and south san francisco mid 50s north bay beaches mid to upper 60s valleys monterey bay upper 50s monterey and carmelo
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to mid 60s rest of the bay and inland a lot of shower activity and temperatures mainly in the 60s to 44 tahoe snow will mix with the rain during the daylight hours will become slick once the sunsets and maybe sticks a little upper 40s to low 50s stray shower lingering tonight everything quiet now by 8:00 stray shower possible north bay more developing around noon and could pop up anywhere during the afternoon hours another wave going to move through the east bay during the evening overnight through tomorrow everything is quiet tomorrow afternoon there you go another chance of stray showers up across the north bay. if you are heading to the golden gate sunday partly cloudy breezy 54 warming up to 58 dropping back to 54 inland or around the bay 70s sunday and monterey -- monday. 70s and 80s, tuesday to thursday. good morning winds affecting drive on two bridges
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benicia bridge high wind advisory also the san mateo bridge again this morning had a high wind advisory use extra caution out in if you are getting out on the road. muni n judah line shutting down today 7:00 p.m. through june 4th. also significant closures on the j church as well. they are advising bikes or walking to the major vents happening in the san francisco area this morning. -- bart providing extra service, yankees-a's series starting tonight monday giants game golden gate bridge birthday anniversary sunday extra trains for all of those events sunday service on monday actual memorial critical mass all events happening around the town starting this afternoon 6:00 at justin herman plaza avoid the area if you can. 4:56.
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lady gaga angered fans in thailand when she tweeted she wants to shop for a fake rolex. the singer told her 24 million twitter followers she want today to buy the luxury knock-who have some called her comments offensive and bad for the country's image. latest incident in her asian tour. her provocative lyrics and costumes have angered religious groups. next, we are live with the latest on a deadly officer-involved shooting in vallejo. >> windy weather forces closure of a busy road what you need to know before heading out to work today and how to plan your memorial day weekend. another fire eastern contra costa county where this latest blaze broke out. homicide underway in an normally quiet east bay city. the grisly discovery on a residential street.
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